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Omweso is a mancala game very popular in Uganda with major tournaments being held in the kingdom of Buganda. Omweso is a re-entrant game ie all seeds remain in play. Captured seeds are re-entered on to the winners side of the board.

Omweso was Mutesa’s [30th king of Buganda] favorite game, he played it with his wives, sisters and important ministers in the royal palace called twekobe. In the past, omweso was closely associated with the court of the kabaka. The saying was if u don’t play omweso, you don’t know what is going on.

Omweso is a type of count and capture game for two players and played on a board with 32holes arranged in 4rows of 8 holes each. 64seeds are used and kept in play throughout each game in a set.

How to play Omweso

Platform:Windows Operating System

Omweso Version: 1.0

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